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The most powerful weapon used to defeat every enemy, including self, and everything in Battlezone II.
<Reckless_Erik> oh shit, da bomb!
<Reckless_Erik> WHO DID THAT?
dodane przez <AMS>SILVER sierpień 07, 2008
a green stop/plus sign glowing object that fulfills your health, usually build by the RESICLER or sent by the Armory.
<xana> get heth
dodane przez <AMS>SILVER sierpień 07, 2008
Ususally refered to as recycler. Deployed to build other units, scavs, turrets, or RAT scouts, service, or other important vechicles such as the TUG.
dodane przez <AMS>SILVER sierpień 07, 2008
possibly meant as "i can't"
<xana> build tawer
<mix_sota> i cunt
dodane przez <AMS>SILVER sierpień 07, 2008
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