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Known by londoners, mainly from areas of West Drayton, Acton and Whopping, and PE teachers. OAWHY can be used as an alternative of Oy, or when someone wants to emphasise their non-existant superiority to everyone else. Shouting Oawhy in maths lessons can lead to disruptions and a happy class, albeit with the teacher looking like more of a slug. OAWHY can be used in all atmospheres, but is suited to PE fields in Acton, best.
OAWHY, what the f**k are you doing?
OAWHY - don't just shtand there! MOVE
OAWHY, i'm gonna gives ya a many talk nawwwhhhh
dodane przez Alex MacColl marzec 05, 2005
Slang name for a person of an imposing physical demeanour. Often with the profession of security guard, bouncer or bailiff
I wear a black shirt with security written on it and i weigh over 250lbs, therefore GET OUT!
dodane przez Alex MacColl marzec 07, 2005
A very popular calling signal, predominantely being used by over-eager Theme Park goers over 6 feet tall. Can be used for scaring Foreign competition stall owners, or just as a contact device.
dodane przez Alex MacColl marzec 05, 2005
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