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A term I coined personally during my time playing Call of Duty: Black Ops. (Aka: Christmas Kids.)

This is a derogatory term used to express hatred towards split-screeners during online multi-player. As most COD gamers are aware, split-screeners are usually horrible and do more harm than good in any game type.

The meaning behind "Welfare Kids" is that the majority of split-screeners (some, not all) cannot afford their own PS3 or XBOX, so therefore in order to enjoy the COD experience, they play on their friend's console in split-screen. Its highly ironic though in some situations that the second player does better than the first player.

I, personally, have yet to play a round in TDM (etc) where a Welfare Kid has been on top at the end of a match. (One exception, college buddies of mine in FL were playing in the others dorm room and were split-screen playing, in which case they both did considerably well since they usually kick @$$ solo.)
Welfare Kids
dodane przez Bad_Karma_218 marzec 12, 2011
Also known as "Tactical Positioning", is a term used by the online gaming community (PC, PSN, XBOX Live; usually found in First-person Shooters) to define someone that sits in one particular spot during a game and only kills enemy combatants that come into their field of view. Although it is frustrating for the person who gets killed, Campers provide an excellent service to their teammates when it comes to objective based games (i.e. Capture the Flag, Sector Control/Domination, etc.)

Not to be confused with snipers. The role of a sniper is to take up a position from afar and pick enemies off from a distance and to cover their teammates and call out enemy positions to help the rest of the team. Due to the fact that a sniper is supposed to remain in a particular spot to achieve this, it is somewhat understandable that some people refer to sniping as camping... But those people are idiots because they are upset that running around with an AR or SMG are getting annihilated and make up for their pathetic score by talking smack and sh!t about snipers and campers. LET THIS BE KNOWN: SNIPERS ARE NOT CAMPERS, VICE VERSA.

Majority of the people who badmouth campers are the ones that repeatedly run to the spot where the camper is hiding and gets killed over and over and over trying to kill the camper. In this situation, the non camper is the n00b.
Campers are found in Medal of Honor and Call of Duty MW2/BO
dodane przez Bad_Karma_218 grudzień 17, 2010
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