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name; Jesus Henry Christ. The illegitimate son of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene and the grandson of god. Today used as an expression of amazement or excitement which has carried over from his lifetime. When Mary would introduce his as Jesus H Christ, people would reapeat it in disbelief.
Mary: Hey luke, have you met my son, and the grandson of god, Jesus H Christ?
Luke: Jesus H Christ! Praise your Grandpa! Are you here to die for our sins like your old man? Hey what does the H stand for?
Jesus H Christ: Henry
Luke: Jesus H Christ! Turn some water to wine! Let's party!
Jesus H Christ: hallelujah! Your prayers have been heard! Bring out the water!
Mary: Jesus H Christ! You'r to young to drink.
Jesus H Christ: My Grandpa damn you!
Luke: Jesus H Christ!, you said it.

and so on
dodane przez C.W. Anderson III wrzesień 13, 2005
any type of politics that is equivalent to the gesture of grabbing your cock and balls as a show of brute masculinity and power.
"The americans have once again managed to piss off most of the world with their cock-n-ball politics concerning(insert international political issue here)."
dodane przez C.W. Anderson III sierpień 30, 2005
v. etymology-derived from "looking for love" when eddy murphey sang it on SNL (a comedy skit show in the USA) as Buckwheat(a young african american character from the little rascals(an old television show in the USA) who had a very thick southern african american accent).
means to go or be on the prowl for sex.
Last night at the club i was wooken-pa-nub but struck out.
dodane przez C.W. Anderson III wrzesień 13, 2005
adj; etymology- comes from hambone, although useage has nothing to do with one.
used to describe a stated of being completly inebriated or high.
Sally: How did you get home last night? You were pretty drunk.
Billy:I have no idea! I was so hambonied that i shit my pants!
dodane przez C.W. Anderson III wrzesień 13, 2005
verb,1. to bush means to horribly fuck something up as a result of stupidity or greed which results in at least one person, but often several thousand, innocent people being injured or dying. Often used together with dumbass. Defined in honor of the Nazi president of the US of A.
2.commiting any outrageously stupid act. Often used together with dumbass.
1.The President:"Huri-cane? I thought you said Co-caine and i don't want anything to do with that anymore."
Everyone:"You really bushed that one, didn´t ya- dumbass."
2.After downing a pint of wiskey, falling down the stairs and then filling the car full of vomit, sally said to billy "You just bushed the whole night-dumbass"
dodane przez C.W. Anderson III wrzesień 10, 2005
v. etymology-variation of babysit.
means to watch someone's beer or drink while they are away from it.
Hey Billy, beersit for a second while i go to the john and hit the one-dogger (see "one-dogger" i'm in hell and my keyboard doesn't have square brackets).
dodane przez C.W. Anderson III wrzesień 13, 2005
noun; 1.another name for a one-hitter, a slim metal pipe, whcih may resemble a cigarette, in which a person can load one or two drags worth of marajuana or tabacco.
2.It can also be used to refer to marajuana in general.
"Hey man, do you want another one of these one-doggers or are you good?"

"Yo dude, do you know where i can score some one-doggers?"
dodane przez C.W. Anderson III sierpień 27, 2005
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