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3 definitions by Chris J

a chromed out portable cassette radio from the 80's the larger the better.
dodane przez Chris J maj 11, 2003
Eassy is a work used by latinos and all spanish people. The word is used like friend or "homes"
Yo wuts the deal "eassy"
dodane przez chris J styczeń 27, 2005
1. (noun) A radial deformation in an otherwise linear feces, occuring due to the application of sphicter force.

2. (adjective) A derogatory term applied to a person or other source of temporary irritation.
1. "When my sister unexpectedly banged on the bathroom door, it caused an involuntary turd crimp."

2. "That fricken turd crimp gave my sister a Philly Fake Out last night."
dodane przez Chris J czerwiec 18, 2004