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49 definitions by Cole

kill: often used while playing halo or other various games of the sort. also in games of competitive nature such as football and wrestling.
1. i'll poon you, you noob

2.we'll poon those noobs
dodane przez Cole styczeń 20, 2005
1. Character from The Crow: City of Angels
2. Girl from Wausau, WI who will be graduating June 7 2004; likes 80's hair bands, cars, Nikki Sixx, and stupid Brits(Scottish Muslims).
Ashe is a retard.
dodane przez Cole maj 29, 2004
Glorious midget type hacker from charlotte
you make baby jesus cry
dodane przez cole marzec 15, 2004
definitely not Cole McCormack. He is a fat jew beast with pimples, and fucking dreads.
NOT cole McCormack he is the biggest poser
dodane przez cole marzec 13, 2005
A white suburbia town outside of San Francisco that can't understand that they are ghetto.
"We is from Benicia. Straight up dawg, represent"
dodane przez Cole luty 09, 2004
Greer's are very pretty gorgeous girls that have the best personalities and are the most outgoing people!
There goes a Greer!
dodane przez Cole październik 05, 2003
a pussy
that ho's seether was ranke
dodane przez Cole wrzesień 14, 2003