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4 definitions by Denise0821

A funny southern word for children.
Boy howdy these chitrens today just don't know how good they have it nowadays... not like when we were youngins.
dodane przez Denise0821 grudzień 13, 2012
Ridickerus is another word for ridiculous but with more umph ... funnier. Ree dick erus
Let me tell you friend ... that shirt looks absolutely ridickerus with those pants. Who dressed you this morning ? lol
dodane przez denise0821 grudzień 13, 2012
A Pebblet is something smaller than a pebble but bigger than a crumb.
Pebblet describes my Pomerian's food because she's old and has litterally two teeth left in her head. lol
dodane przez Denise0821 grudzień 03, 2012
A little more than a bagillion but less than magillion (muhgillion).
I would lurve to lend you a cagillion dollars but I only have a bagillion in the bank. lol
dodane przez Denise0821 grudzień 07, 2012