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5 definitions by Ecks Dee

You know, they made Blue. Yeah, that song.
I'm blue da ba di da ba da
dodane przez Ecks Dee czerwiec 18, 2004
322 52
Live Action Role Players. Nerds that actually get out once in a while. Their mating call is "Lightningbolt! Lightningbolt!"
Dude, Steve, don't go in there. LARPers are playing there right now. They might put a Death spell on you or something.
dodane przez Ecks Dee marzec 28, 2004
64 54
A cool guy who is from the UK. He likes music and long walks on the beach.
I'm an ELL DUDE type of guy, you know?
dodane przez ecks dee czerwiec 28, 2003
1 3
The Goggles.
They do nothing!
dodane przez Ecks Dee czerwiec 16, 2004
11 17
1. Another name for penis
2. An extremely cool personguy :D
Gerk = teh pwn
dodane przez Ecks Dee luty 02, 2004
52 84