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4 definitions by Fook Yu

a term used to say that someone is "all over" another person. esp. a sexual part of the body
dman yo! she was all over it!
dodane przez fook yu lipiec 30, 2003
A Slim Shadey wanta be, who drinks buttwiper, is obssessed with "Keeping with the Joneses", and is "A Legend in his own Mind"!
Your Grandpa thinks he knows his shit, but is realy an ID10T.
dodane przez Fook Yu kwiecień 13, 2004
When a man is giving a women anal and she farts causing the fart to go in the mans penis causing an erupting smelly explosion.
Awww last night Jackie Scalobed me.
dodane przez Fook Yu sierpień 01, 2003
a discreet way of mentioning someone's "donkey" body part.
get off yras and do somethin, ya bizzitch!
dodane przez fook yu wrzesień 24, 2003