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8 definitions by Frodo

A game that was designed by a team of psychologists and pediatricians for children who suffer from mental retardation to keep them amused and occupied so they don't become bored and physically hurt themselves doing other activities.
"Honey, do you think our retards will be safe to leave home alone all by themselves tonight?"

"Oh don't worry honey, they're upstairs playing Outwar, their tard obsessive compulsiveness will keep them at it all night long."
dodane przez Frodo styczeń 09, 2004
the EXACT definition of ~COOL~!
Example one: You are SO Fonzie!!!
Example two: That movie was SO not Fonzie!
dodane przez Frodo listopad 14, 2004
military acronym for High Altitude, High Opening
soldiers do this to carefully plan their approach by parachute. they are dropped from the plane at a high altitude, i.e., 30,000 or 40,000ft. and open the parachute right after they exit the plane
they can fall for as long as 2 or more hours this way
the soldiers infiltrated the base while avoiding radar by going in with HAHO
dodane przez frodo luty 28, 2005
pape's date rape; aka papes only chance
tonight, pape has a dape
dodane przez frodo luty 11, 2005
A reckless mix of hardcore and emo
I can feel so emotional(about to cry)
Then have a silent scream after
dodane przez Frodo luty 26, 2005
the feelings you get with hardcore are the same feelings you get with punk.
a good sense of "FUCK EVERYONE"

...u know what FUCK this. Why does'nt everyone forget all these new so called "punk" catagories and just go back to the original real real thing..PUNK ROCK...u bunch of pussies....god dammit!!!
fuck examples
what examples
dodane przez Frodo sierpień 13, 2005