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3 definitions by GoSkins8921

The boner that everyone gets because of Tim Tebow.
I can't wait to see Tim Tebow run through all the SEC's defenses again next year.

Me neither, I have a raging Tebowner.
dodane przez GoSkins8921 kwiecień 30, 2008
James Madison University: THE University of Virginia.
dodane przez GoSkins8921 maj 16, 2008
The definitions that are already there seem pretty much right except that I've never heard anyone actually say "nose goes", what I've always seen and done is that you touch your nose and say "Not it".
Guy 1: "Someone go get a tape so I can record Tony Romo's bitch ass fumbling the snap on that field goal!"
Everyone but some other guy: "Not it!"(while touching nose, nose goes)
Other guy goes and gets it.
dodane przez GoSkins8921 czerwiec 03, 2007