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11 definitions by Ivaaa

a yelp of joy
Oh awesome! Nik wants to skype with me! Yipee!
dodane przez Ivaaa czerwiec 22, 2010
33 3
What you say instead of STFU when your grandparents be talkin they ass.
Grandma: I be goin to the docta today, he be prescribin me some medicine, and-
Person watching tv: be quiet
dodane przez Ivaaa grudzień 18, 2010
16 15
A codeword for cutting.
Don't eat Golumpkis! We love you!
dodane przez Ivaaa grudzień 18, 2010
1 2
the small boob creases of fat you get betweenyour boobs and your shoulders
Boobette are unavoidable no matter how skinny you are
dodane przez Ivaaa lipiec 25, 2010
2 3
What Sims people say when they can't reach something.
Oh snap there's a chair in front of the fridge! I obviously can't pick up the chair, so I'm just going to gesture at it and yell angrily at the dipshit controlling my life!! OONGA!!!
dodane przez Ivaaa październik 03, 2010
2 4
A codeword for Carmel Roohi.
Sometimes Curry Fried Rice is sooo irritating.
dodane przez Ivaaa grudzień 18, 2010
0 4
Jaaack! :) Is an autistic character created by Lhiam Andrews-Bancroft during homework support sometime in November. His catch phrases include, Jack-off, Jack good at hitting, Jack at ping-pong, gooduh, badduh, Jack is moving like da roller coaster, uppuh
Jaaack! :) Is sooo funny.
dodane przez Ivaaa grudzień 18, 2010
3 7