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A corny wack ass village full of wanna-be wankstas with no lives... Do to the popularity of the village being filled with Irish, Hispanics, Haitians, and jamaicans. The spanish people have so much pride its funny. Wanna be bloods reside there, they're softer than smooth hand-picked georgian cotton. They express hard life as seeing "Dogs get rolled over by cars. Mexicans getting shot by nerf guns. Juanie's barber shop getting closed down before it opened. Stacks getting scared and so on."
Brooklyn Boy 1: Yo Lee frankie was scared as hell when you pulled out that .22 on outlaw.
Brooklyn Boy 2: Yeah J, i'm gonna finish them off when juanie loses some Jelly(Weight).
Brooklyn Boy 1: Dont do anythang to em, haverstraw people dont want it, and they dont deserve to die.
Brooklyn Boy 2: Ur rite lil nigga, then i'mma get stacks ! Oh by the way add me on myspace.com/gbanga15
dodane przez JWill824 październik 20, 2009
Another corny "tuff ghetto" village in rockland, NY. Tha population heritage iz mostly Jewz and Haitians and MEXIKANZ aka swine flu in Haverstraw.. PPl over there think there tuff but there almost as soft as "HaviI" ppl. Wen u walk up in a store da clerck b sayin "bu buh buh!" in haitian langwidge dat wuld mean "Wudda u want." i think, ne wayz letz get on with tha Xample.. ohh and fuck da copz over there but in haverstraw itz eazier to steal a bike kuz 5 yr oldz own it lol wait dis iz about wing valley.
Brooklyn Nigga 1: Yo GL aka Lee letz stop by jersey camera ryt of Rte.59 spring valley nd steal some goodiez frm dat dumasS!
Brooklyn Nigga 2: JWill aka Jeremiah da kopz iz madd nozey nigga letz do dis at nyt.
Brooklyn Nigga 1: Nd da gurlz b ugly lol.
Brooklyn Nigga 2: I kno! but wuddis gotta do wiff robing da arabian dumbass??
Brooklyn Nigga 1: Kuz we cant show off infrunnov ugly bitchez.
Brooklyn Nigga 2:Ya gotta point lil nigga,by tha way facebook him jeremiah williams frm NY beyyotch!ohh maggie wut up
dodane przez JWill824 październik 31, 2009
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