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22 definitions by KD

Whan a little vomit comes up in your mouth and you swallow it back down.
When I saw hj's chaloobies I bluked.
dodane przez kd wrzesień 27, 2004
Shortened form of "Atmosphere" a Hip Hop group.
dodane przez KD sierpień 12, 2003
Call me King Jimmerjammer
dodane przez KD listopad 14, 2002
When somebody tries to express their crazy laughter in text and uses phrases such as LOL OMG LMFAO ROFL LMAO!! BWL GMBO LOLZZZZZ!!!! in one sentence.
One: 'posts crazy funny joke on facebook'

Two: (talk lol language) LMFAO OMG LOLZ HAHA ROFL LMAO BWL OMGEEZUS LOL GMBO!!!! funny.
dodane przez Kd luty 21, 2012
it doesnt really mean anything but its a goddam cool word. usually means "nothing"
you aint gettin diddleysquat!
dodane przez KD czerwiec 09, 2003
the head honcho at ATNW
men want to be him
women think they can change him
I just got IP banned by Ridd
dodane przez KD marzec 09, 2005
A hindi word for cauliflower
I had the best gobi dish for lunch.
dodane przez KD październik 18, 2004