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13 definitions by Kasper

to be extremely ugly. sort of short for "god sure beat her with the ugly stick!!"
Man, Pug didn't just get beaten with the ugly stick, she got pummelled.
dodane przez kasper maj 05, 2004
ghetto town USA
lynwood is so fucking ghetto
dodane przez kasper marzec 04, 2003
Beyond rad, surprassing even skott
Man he is super rad.
dodane przez Kasper październik 01, 2004
Adune is a person you refer to as the best in the world.
Oh my god! You saved the world, you're just like Adune. You rock my world.
dodane przez kasper kwiecień 07, 2003
Redmar is a stupid person which is always stupid. He likes to queef.
Redmarrrrrrr Redmarrrrrrr Redmaarrrrrrr
dodane przez Kasper kwiecień 02, 2005
To hit some one in the eye with your right elbow.
Greg tried to steal my poker chip, so I flothed him til he could no longer see.
dodane przez Kasper październik 01, 2004
a bitch with a phat ass
ddddddaaaaaaammmmmmmmmnnnnnnn yo that bitch got a hella badoonkadoonk
dodane przez Kasper marzec 28, 2004