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4 definitions by Latke

to have sex ; fuck
"Are you ready for nik-nik?"
dodane przez Latke luty 01, 2004
32 18
The act of agreeing that an incident or occurrence never happened
After mistakenly referring to his fiance as a "whore", the two agreed to globnick.
dodane przez Latke styczeń 31, 2004
6 1
Revolution, revolt, rebellion. Usually used when a politicial group rises up against an oppressive government.
The Adifibi will not be televised
dodane przez Latke luty 01, 2004
0 0
Much like the Hawaiian word "aloha", ibi-da has many meanings - "hello", "goodbye", "yes", and "I do" when used as part of a wedding ceremony.
Q: "Do you take this woman as your lawfully wedded wife?"
A: "Ibi-da"
dodane przez Latke luty 01, 2004
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