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6 definitions by Lurker

adjective meaning something that is absoloutely absurd and/or doesn't make sense.
The website preposterous.ca doesn't make any sense!
It's preposterous.
dodane przez lurker sierpień 14, 2004
82 23
Another term for vagina.
Joe knew he was in Heaven after penetrating the pearly gates.
dodane przez Lurker luty 26, 2004
46 23
A roadway intersection where the roads don't directly cross (like at a stoplight) but enter/exit on a circular road. When well designed it is very superior to a normal intersection, but prone to confuse people who learned to drive in a place without them. Poorly designed or outdated they are a recipe for disaster.
If you live in New Jersey, but don't know what a traffic circle is, you're living an unbelievably sheltered life.

When correctly designed, you should always yield when entering the circle, but never when in the circle.
dodane przez LurKer sierpień 31, 2012
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Visigothan is one who will not hesitate to mock you for your stupidities. But if you're lucky enough to be his friend, he'll curb stomp any who mess with you.
dodane przez Lurker listopad 01, 2003
11 17
A place that Raqem should not be in.
dodane przez Lurker sierpień 21, 2003
19 30
Self-obsessed spastic who shags other self-obsessed spastics. The most annoying cunt on NME Angst (including Jim_Fear).
Sazzie's here now, bye.
dodane przez lurker sierpień 12, 2004
12 26