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The alter ego of actress Cassandra Peterson, Elvira the Mistress of the Dark is the host of Elvira's Movie Maccabre and starred in her own movie Elvira: Mistress of The Dark which also spawned a sequel titled Elvira's Haunted Hills.

She's also had a singing career with songs like Zombie Stomp, Monsta Rap, Full Moon, Here Comes The Bride, and Haunted House.

She has been parodied and paid homage to numerous times, including the character Atrocia in the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

A true halloween icon, and a wonderful woman with a massive set of pumpkins.
"Who's your favorite halloween character?"

"Elvira, the mistress of the dark."

"She's sooo beautiful isn't she?"

"Yep, raaawr."
dodane przez MM132 kwiecień 03, 2012
A Bizarre form of anti-religion between Atheism and being absolutely bat-shit insane, mainly obsessed with trying to prove that the illuminati exists even though they don't know it doesn't exist any longer, and also believes that the world was supposed to end on December 2012. Most of these people are either trolls or just people who don't know any better. Most likely both, such as the case of people like certain forum members. They often use demon related codenames or usernames online. Mainly to troll others on religion based forums and for nothing worse. Emotionless psychopaths with no lives of their own.
Is that man insane? No...he's just a fan of Illuminatism.
dodane przez MM132 czerwiec 26, 2014
The most unappealing website name to ever exist, only teenagers who think they are edgy and cool by swearing and making sexual innuendos and pseudo rapist comments find the site to be any good.
"Combusting Herpes? Who would find a website like that to be any good?"
dodane przez MM132 maj 27, 2013
A condition in which the sufferer thinks they are turning into a plush toy or a doll like a Beanie Bopper and expresses desire to live like a typical doll or toy you would expect a little girl to have. Sometimes it reverts their mind to an immature or infantile state which makes them act like a toddler or a baby akin to infantilism.
Clive panted as he raved about how he felt he was turning into a teddy bear, he had Clinical Plushcanthropy and he had to be sent to the asylum.
dodane przez MM132 czerwiec 27, 2014
A grade A+++ Internet troll who is mostly likely female and acts like either a grammar nazi or some kind of extremist, usually targets people who are autistic, furries or bronies/pegasisters. Is on several occassions extremely hypocritical, as in - you can't make fun of her but she can make fun of you whenever she wants.

Mostly found on sites like the Encyclopedia Dramatica forums and targetting anyone on the acceptable targets list including the afformentioned, is mostly a hateful female most likely on her period or suffering from PMS if they're an adult, or just acting all bratty and superior to everyone else if they are a teenager.

Can be also seen lurking on youtube posting the numerous 'Just Kill yourself' comments.
"I talked to Jen on facebook and she told me to kill myself."
"Don't listen to her, she's a Grand High Bitch"
dodane przez MM132 styczeń 04, 2014
That one idiot who keeps reporting you over and over again on numerous websites even though he is just trying to masqerade his own jealousy and butthurt.

Thinks that abusing the report button is the answer to everything.

Also thinks that sites like Urban Dictionary have a report option when in actuality they do not.
"What is that moron doing now?"

"He's reporting some guy who called him a loser on the forums."

"What a report-a-holic!"
dodane przez MM132 czerwiec 22, 2012
A Drinking game to play when going on the Combusting Herpes website/forum, there are a set of rules for the game that go like like this: For every stupid thread that is related to Nathan Forester or about him - take a shot.

Whenever a user such as RichardPersimmons or Jess calls Nathan by his supposed real name, or call him 'it'. Take two shots.
Whenever RichardPersimmons or BobofJudia calls Nathan out for not having a job, take 5 more shots.
Whenever BobofJudia or any other user uses death threats to try and be tough. Take 10 more shots.
Whenever any CH user consistently tries to say it's Nathan owns fault...take 15-20 shots.
Whenever a CH user uses stereotyping as a defense...take 20-25.
Whenever they screencap something he says - take 20-30 shots.
Whenever they try to defend themselves by repeating things others have said take 35 shots.
Take 40 shots for every mention of rape, sex, or anything to do with drug references.
Take a whole swig everytime they resort to using homophobic or racial slurs.
"Time for the CH Drinking Game".
dodane przez MM132 wrzesień 16, 2013

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