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43 definitions by MrsHippy

The most common name for a female parrot.
Squawks: Hello! I'm Polly Parrot!
dodane przez MrsHippy kwiecień 15, 2013
133 12
Someone who doesn't like to be mistaken for an Aussie,but its always amazed if you get it correct.
Supply teacher:OK kids,where am I from?
Smart kid in the corner:New Zealand.

The Kiwi accent is softer.
dodane przez MrsHippy maj 13, 2011
91 41
One of the funniest characters ever.
Mr Bean is the best!
dodane przez MrsHippy październik 12, 2011
42 8
The 'ghost' that you meet when you go to school.A character that comes out of your imagination,and is a criminal to your parents,because he or she took the family money that you were making when developing your hobbies and interests.
School may be boring,but your alter ego still gets to have fun!
dodane przez MrsHippy czerwiec 16, 2011
77 50
Something you say when someone pretends not to be jealous.
A boy fancied a girl,but another boy took her.He pretended not to care,but his friends said 'sour grapes'.
dodane przez MrsHippy maj 15, 2011
39 17
The least common spelling of the name,but also the most logical one.
Kathryn looks more simple than the average spelling,because Catherine and Katherine look like they should be said as kath-uh-ryne.
dodane przez MrsHippy październik 17, 2012
24 4
The state you are in when you constantly ask people if they are ok,just because you are not ok yourself.
Everyone went mad because of the insecurity of people they knew.
dodane przez MrsHippy marzec 07, 2012
40 20