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An temporary alliance formed between the ocean and the sky with the goal of killing people. The ocean's ability to attack the land is limited, so it lends the sky some of its water and energy so it can assault people farther inland then it normally could.
Hurricanes are far more powerful then the storms the sky creates on its own. They are just another reason the ocean must be destroyed.
dodane przez Ocean Truth Society kwiecień 21, 2005
A body of water which has continuosly assaulted humanity by way of sharks, tsunamis, and bermuda triangles.
We need to kill the ocean, before it is too late.
dodane przez Ocean Truth Society styczeń 07, 2005
One of the ocean's deadliest and flashiest weapons in its continuing war on humanity.

The ocean rises up and sends a sweeping wall of itself onto land, killing as many people as it can. The forefront of this assault is called a tsunami.
The ocean must be held accountable for these blatant displays of aggression.
dodane przez Ocean Truth Society marzec 02, 2005
An island in the east atlantic which is plotting to destroy much of civilation by breaking apart and sliding into the ocean, thus creating tsunamis the likes of which have not been seen in thousands of years.
Will we strike first, or will we let the La palma get away with this?
dodane przez Ocean Truth Society styczeń 07, 2005
When conventional weapons in its war on man fail, the ocean resorts to magic in the form of the bermuda triangle. Using the geometrical powers of the triangle, the ocean can make almost anything disappear - from the largest warship to the smallest raft of lost cuban refugees. Where exactly the victims are sent is as of yet unknown, but Hell seems most likely. If someone you know has ever gone missing, chances are they were killed by the bermuda triangle.
We cannot allow the ocean to get ahead of us in Bermuda Triangle technology if we expect to win the war.
#ocean #hurricane #war #tsunami #water
dodane przez Ocean Truth Society sierpień 25, 2006
In the ocean's never ending war on humanity, sharks are kind of like the white blood cells. The ocean sends them to kill individual humans that have entered it's waters.
Sharks are basically water breathing death tubes armed with razor sharp teeth designed specifically for tearing human flesh. Truly one the ocean's most terrifying weapons.
Every shark wants nothing more than to kill people. To survive, we must take the same attitude towards them.
dodane przez Ocean Truth Society lipiec 19, 2005
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