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91 definitions by Patrick

Style of music, mixed primarily of punk and metal. The word "emo" comes from emotional. The word "core" comes frm hardcore. Hardcore + Emotion = Emocore.
Emocore is my favorite style of music.
dodane przez Patrick lipiec 11, 2003
27 59
A stupid person.
Andrew is such a write off.
dodane przez Patrick styczeń 07, 2004
14 60
A woman laying on her left side ... 3 = b00bs, < = ... well, you know
I was hanging with my <3 last night, we had a good time.
dodane przez Patrick luty 17, 2005
27 77
When one farts while sitting and jumps up a little (or alot)
damn that was a hella big froggy!
dodane przez Patrick luty 03, 2005
14 64
Style of Music. Mixture of death metaland hardcore.
Noisecore is my favorite styl of music.
dodane przez Patrick lipiec 11, 2003
3 73
when you take out your dip and place it on a turtle
dude that poor turtle went back in his shell after u shat in him.

that turtle almost died from smellin that skoal vanilla after u shat on the turtle
dodane przez patrick marzec 27, 2005
12 84
term used for someone so good looking, your significant other can't keep you from them; a free pass; usually used for celebrities
Angelina Jolie is so hot that if I had the chance to meet her, my wife will give me a hall pass
dodane przez Patrick listopad 07, 2007
46 125