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17 definitions by Richard Bullard Barnes

The extra weight you have which detracts from your aesthetic beauty. Canadians and Europeans refer to them as "vanity kilograms."

"Yo dawg, you're a really nice guy, but the ladies might find you alot hotter if you lost about eight vanity pounds."

dodane przez Richard Bullard Barnes listopad 02, 2007
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The alphabite is the best bite of a meal or snack. The meal or snack is usually composed of numerous different ingredients and textures, allowing for variability in taste from one mouthful to the next. Thus, some bites are better than others and there is a particular mouthful that is superior to the rest. This superior mouthful is known as the 'alphabite.'
When eating a sandwich with crust, for instance, the alphabite could be considered the middle portion of the sandwich where you get to eat 100% meat/cheese/softbread/dressings. No crust. Thus, the 'alphabite.'

The 'alphabite' of a cookie may be the place on the cookie where multiple chocolate chips have gathered, thus giving you a high chocolate-to-dough ratio in that area of the cookie, leading to the 'alphabite', or best bite of that particular cookie.

The place on a slice of pizza where three pepperoni got stuck together resting atop an entire sundried tomato would be the location of an 'alphabite.' and so on...
dodane przez Richard Bullard Barnes lipiec 26, 2010
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Dinflation is the phenomenon that occurs at a restaurant when the diners realize the check will likely be split evenly and over order, causing the final check to be inflated. The dinflation/over order is generally late in the meal and may be an extra bottle of wine, a digestif (e.g. port), or dessert that you wouldn't normally order.

This phenomenon is particularly prevalent in situations where a meal is spread out over many shared courses, where a bottle of wine is ordered & shared, when some of the party shows up late complicating things, or when patrons are not carrying cash and the polite thing to do is simply "split the check X ways" to save the waiter the headache.
The evening started out pretty reserved with just the three couples. But after a round of appetizers and two bottles of wine, folks realized the check was going to be complicated. Dinflation occurred when they set caution to the wind, ordered the most expensive cut of meat and someone even ordered a cigar.
dodane przez Richard Bullard Barnes sierpień 07, 2012
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The state of being free from supervision while employed.
Dude: "My boss is up north this week, so I'm totally emancivisored. Let's meet up on Wednesday, I'll take a long lunch."
dodane przez Richard Bullard Barnes sierpień 22, 2010
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A phrase used in the closing line of an email or verbal communication used to make fun of those who overuse the phrase "cool beans."
Tyler's email read:

Sounds good guys. We're meeting in front of the library at 8pm for the team run.

Makin' Porridge.
dodane przez Richard Bullard Barnes sierpień 09, 2010
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A back-handed compliment.
Bompliment - "Craig! Those jeans fit you so well, I don't even notice your eight vanity pounds."
dodane przez richard bullard barnes październik 14, 2007
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The state you're in when you've recorded (via DVR, VHS, etc) a sporting event or tv show and wish to watch it for the first time without knowing the outcome or ending.
If your girlfriend wants to watch Top Chef and you want to watch the Lakers game, you might tape the game and go into "the bubble." During the time you're in the bubble, you must be very cautious about any incoming information (internet/phone calls/scores moving along the bottom of the screen, etc) because the goal is to watch the game "live to you" so you can enjoy the drama.

Dude, don't tell me the outcome of the Steelers game. I'm in 'the Bubble'.
dodane przez Richard Bullard Barnes sierpień 05, 2010
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