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16 definitions by Sabe 1

To Accidently Shit While Trying To Push Out A Fart..In Other Words To Gamble And Lose
Tony Was At The Park and A ilent But Deadly Wound Up Being A Shart
dodane przez Sabe 1 marzec 14, 2005
2400 791
A Female Who Will Take It In Any Hole..
She Love Three ways ..She is Such a Pinn Cushion
dodane przez Sabe 1 kwiecień 12, 2005
54 17
Too Much Fucking Metal For One Hand
That Concert Was Fucking Awesome \mm/
dodane przez Sabe 1 marzec 09, 2005
42 18
To Slap Someones Forehead With Great Force.
Aw Shit Stan Just Gave Me The Worst Wasi Ever.....
dodane przez Sabe 1 luty 02, 2005
25 5
The Act Of Disappearing From A Party Or Event Without Telling Anyone Your Going.
Friend1-"Where Is John"
Friend 2-"Dude I Think He Pulled A Ghostface"
Friend1="I Hate When He Does That"
dodane przez Sabe 1 maj 08, 2005
74 68
Upstate New York version of White Trash
That Guy Livin in his van is such a grinnup
dodane przez Sabe 1 styczeń 28, 2005
8 3
Something You Say To A Person After They Are -
1. Proven Wrong
2. Embarassed or Humiliated
3. Hurt Doing Somthing Stupid
If You Can't Get A Date For Sat You Got Stoiched..........Bad!
dodane przez Sabe 1 czerwiec 08, 2005
6 2