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(adj). Something incomplete or downright lame, disappointing in its partial quality. Often a task given to a teenage student is done in a half-ass manner.
You are an hour late and telling me you couldn't get a cab? That's a half-ass excuse!
dodane przez Sasha Henke luty 02, 2006
n. geogr. 1) an island off the west coast of Africa in Atlantic belonging to Canary Islands, colonial Spain. Tenerife is the largest and most populated of the group of seven islands.
2) favorite vacation spot for British, German and Norwegian tourists, mainly drunken students and elder folks on a budget. In recent years architecturally developed and intelligently marketed as a civil getaway for normal people. As the sod's law would have it, in recent years also effected badly by the climate change with weather changing from sunny 300 days to 5 hours of sun/3 hours of rain/365 days of being ripped off by taxi drivers for no particular reason.
3) an easy place to hide for accused Scottish murderers, Serbian generals running from International Tribunal charges, drug addicts, drug dealers, alcoholics, lazy asses, minor gay celebrities from Estonia and various other questionable characters.
You don't feel like college, don't want to work for more than five hours a day, running from court charges and can't last a day without coke? Tenerife is just the place for you.
dodane przez Sasha Henke marzec 03, 2006
(n.) a fictional divinity residing in the minds of homosexual men, a kind of wishful thinking phenomena taking on a shape of supreme being omnipresent in the hearts of homosexual men. God of gay is usually praised for a satisfactory erection, a brilliant idea regarding how to approach one's crush and for all gay thoughts.
I had a fabulous wank this morning. Thank you, god of gay!
dodane przez Sasha Henke marzec 14, 2006
n. pl. An ammount of money spent on dating and courting, such as dining out, entertainment, presents. Exclusively a plural noun as it would be imposible, not to mention pathetic, to buy anything with a single dollar in a world of dating. Not necessarily US Dollars, as all spending in any currency to please a woman or a gay bloke is figuratively converted into dating dollars.
I just met this fantastic dude. We are going out on Friday. I am gonna need to bump a hundred dating dollars off of you.
dodane przez Sasha Henke marzec 08, 2006
gay scene; surroundings and members of homosexual community.
In gayland sex is easily available because what you got is a bar full of horny men and no women to say no to them.
dodane przez Sasha Henke wrzesień 11, 2006
(n.) One who follows a homosexual guy for lack of own social life or out of extreme love. A hag is an exclusively heterosexual woman, often a young teenage girl, who is attached to her "fag" to the point of making frequent phone calls, excessive texting, nights out in gay bars, clubbing, shopping trips, spa trips, trips abroad, and sometimes even getting a joint mortgage. The hag has the ultimate power to veto dates, grade outfits, disillusion insecurities of her "fag". The relationship between a hag and her "fag" is sacred, characterised by extraordinary protectiveness.

Related: The male best friend of a homosexual guy is known as "fag stag", providing he is heterosexual. The homosexual guy whose social contacts are mainly secure heterosexual guys is known as "stag fag".
Julie is out shopping with Jamie; what a fag hag!
dodane przez Sasha Henke luty 02, 2006
used as adj., derived from the name of celebrated fashion designer Calvin Klein whose style is that of minimalism and simplicity. Something calvinkleinish describes an object, a place, a concept or a personality of minimum pretense, elegance and style.

The new Italian restaurant has white interior with bare tables, no art and subtle lights. Very chic, very cool, very calvinkleinish.

Did you meet the new executive yet? She wears pressed suits and her hair is brushed back simply. She's really calvinkleish.
dodane przez Sasha Henke grudzień 28, 2005
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