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Bluestone is a magical place where people who just met consider each other family, dogs wear people clothes, purple gorillas play tag, superheroes are real and make appearances just when they're needed most, fires reach to the skies, problems seem to fade away, and lives are changed.
Friendship for a lifetime
And a family that grows
Each and every moment
Love is being woven
Through the Father, Son, and Spirit
I have learned and now I know
That Bluestone through the ages
Will always be, like coming home
dodane przez The_Hawk sierpień 03, 2009

CIT's are the unsung and often overlooked heroes of camp. Working for even less pay than the minimal pay of the famed and glorified camp counselor, CIT's are often tasked with the grunt work of washing dishes and working in the kitchen in addition to an hour a day of CIT class and a CIT project, leaving limited time for them to actually be of any use to the counselor and group they've been paired with for the week. All of this they do just for a small taste of the authority and experience of almost being a counselor while still in high school.
Are you a counselor or a CIT?

What does CIT stand for?

Your camper just insulted me, he called me a CIT.

You'll always be King of the CIT's, Durphy.
dodane przez The_Hawk sierpień 20, 2009
Illness often experienced by people who refer to themselves as camp counselors.

Symptoms Include:

-feelings of constantly being followed around by groups of children

-sleep deprivation

-hearing simple, repetitive questions such as, "What are we doing next?" and "When's pool time?"

-finding minor lapses in personal hygiene completely acceptable

-need to make up code words to use in place of inappropriate words and phrases

-fire addiction

-frequent yelling

-bouts of complete insanity

-darkening of exposed areas of skin

Campers is most prevalent in the summer and often goes into multiple, brief periods of remission (often after week-long periods of symptoms) before finally going away.
I can't, I have campers.
dodane przez The_Hawk lipiec 31, 2009
A fun and simple pool activity where everyone forms a circle in the pool and runs as fast as they can in one direction and then everyone changes direction at the same time and try to run the other direction causing a whirlpool effect. This process is then repeated as much as desired. The more people the better the whirlpool!
Everyone form a circle in the shallow end and we'll make a whirlpool!

No dying in the whirlpool, please!
dodane przez The_Hawk sierpień 09, 2009
A legendary roll of duct tape which is capable of sticking to anything and never losing stickiness. However, the possibility of such a roll of duct tape raises the eternal question of whether you would be able to get the duct tape off the roll. Sadly, this is a question which can only truly be answered by discovering the Eternal Duct Tape.
If Eternal Duct Tape is eternally sticky, would you be able to get it off the roll?
dodane przez The_Hawk sierpień 13, 2009
The small covering of dirt that gets on food as a result of being dropped while cooking over a campfire. It is so named due to the frequent occurrence while camping in the Hogans.
Be our guest, Be our guest
Put our Dutch Ovens to the test
Try the fajitas they're nutritious,
Hogan Spice it's delicious!
dodane przez The_Hawk sierpień 15, 2009
The code of honor all mimes are required to follow. The exact specifics of the Mime Code are known only to those within the ranks of the mimes, however, it has become known that the Mime Code prevents any mime from refusing a Tug of War Challenge.
Phantom Copperhead: No!! The Mime Code prevents them from denying a Tug of War Challenge!
dodane przez The_Hawk sierpień 11, 2009
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