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5 definitions by Thomas Christian

A more accurate version of Sounds like a plan, because it doesn't sound like a plan, it *is* a plan.
Person 1: "Lets go to the movies."
Person 2: "Sounds like a flan!"
Person 1: "Err...great."
dodane przez Thomas Christian kwiecień 30, 2008
20 9
An annoying or useless person.
"Jenny is such a piece of assplankton"
dodane przez Thomas Christian czerwiec 27, 2007
11 2
A high five with two hands, also known as a high ten.
"You scored with those twins? Double five!"
dodane przez Thomas Christian październik 02, 2008
6 0
A portmanteu word of "awesome" and "excelent," combining the best of both.
Last night was so awesulent, we hooked up with these two hot chicks!
dodane przez Thomas Christian czerwiec 28, 2007
6 1
1. A number of bad things happening or grouped together.

2. An uninteligent or uncultured person.
1. "This new Labour government is one big fuckclump."

2. "Jeez, you're such a fuckclump sometimes."
dodane przez Thomas Christian czerwiec 27, 2007
6 2