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Quite Possibly the most pathetic troll on the internet, Sheaton(real name Shelby Green) is a Sheezyartist with absolutely no talent or balls to speak of. She complains about art theft and Color overs when the majority of his "gallery" is filled with recolors of Bambi Clipart and Lines from Coloring books.

Frustrated with the garbage that he shits from his fingers, he has taken to attacking other better artists like Werebereus and Brengie, even stooping so low as to try and pit them against each other by going "Oh so and so is better than so and so". Collectively her gallery has been given a four other artists.

A Negative four.

Tl;Dr, Sheaton's gallery is filled with a shit-ton of Shit and she attacks others because she's pathetic.
(On some of Sheaton 'Art')I have lately become obsessed with mixing coloring book pages together and coloring them into my characters.

(Samples of her BAAAAAWing)Gone, and never coming back to this shitty website, because I will, apparently, never escape the immature fucktard that is Bil E Horse because she's HELLBENT on ban evaded to harass me, who's done nothing wrong to her. She's creepier and more disgusting than Brengie on deviantART being obsessed with that dumbass Justin Bieber lion she's made. I hope every victim of this vile and cruel jackass don't take her bullfuck anymore.

#fail #garbage #failure #troll #pathetic #sad #not #art #made of fail #ust no #you're doing it wrong
dodane przez Werebereus grudzień 20, 2011
To not only stroke your own ego, but to do so vigorously.
Newb RE 5 game: " Oooo! A TRIcell computer! I wonder whats on it..."
Pro RE 5 player: "Oh that? Nothing but Wesker's Ego Masturbation."
#resident evil 5 #ego #masturbation #wesker #self centered #cocky #arrogant #dickhead
dodane przez Werebereus czerwiec 07, 2011
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