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46 definitions by YO

adj meaning cool awesome the best
That was the sickest party ever yo.
dodane przez YO październik 19, 2003
The lil brother city of Philly
He from Philly? Hell naw, he's from Willyport
dodane przez yo listopad 05, 2003
Breasts that are so fuckin flabby and droopy that they look like pancakes.
Dseeamn you'll need to add some butter and syrup to lick that stupid cunt's nasty ass pancake titties!
dodane przez yo marzec 11, 2003
Grilled dumpling with a bite of octpus
(A Japanese food, famous in Osaka(( the 2nd largest city in jpn))
ur gonna visit Japan? u should go to Osaka to eat Takoyaki, its so yummy!
dodane przez yo marzec 23, 2004
to stay up all night doing work. often homework.
i burned midnight oil last night but slept in coz i was too tired
dodane przez yo kwiecień 15, 2004
Can be used to refer to when people rhyme/flow.
"he spits rhymes" or "he be spittin rhymes like ace!"
dodane przez yo luty 17, 2005

A Nu-Metal band of Armenian ethnicity. Known for their unique styles of playing and thought out and meaningful (albeit cryptically) lyrics.

System of a Down pwns d4 l3w7 sh17.
dodane przez YO sierpień 24, 2003