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8 definitions by Yul

Someone who can jump-start a truck with a cactus.
dodane przez Yul sierpień 20, 2003
1286 141
Dat ho be got dem crotch crickets
dodane przez yul czerwiec 05, 2003
41 24
Check that Frontal Ass on that ho . . can't tell if dat bitch is walking front way or back way
dodane przez Yul sierpień 09, 2005
23 13
Male masturbation
Little Jimmy's mother caught him from "high-fiving Yul Brenner" again.
dodane przez Yul czerwiec 04, 2003
13 3
Similar to the word Wing man but it's a babe. This is in no way an escort service. The Wing Gal is to provide a man with a female companion as an icebreaker to meeting other women.
with my wing girl running icebreaker I'm sure to land that
dodane przez Yul sierpień 10, 2005
9 3
1. To have been unknowingly volunteered or committed to a task or job that is not feasible.

2. To accomplish a major task only to have someone else take the credit.

3. Having the feeling that you have been violated by a sycophant.
1. I was "bocked" into redesigning the entire user database because someone wanted the columns named "prettier".

2. I worked an entire year on a project that made $8,000,000,000 only to be "bocked" by that suck-up who promptly received a bonus for the work "he" did.

3. After being "bocked" by nut-breath, I felt the need to take a long shower.
dodane przez Yul czerwiec 05, 2003
12 7
Someone with poor or undeveloped skills. Often mistakenly used to describe criminals (computer "hackers" broke into the mainframe).
By shooting 123 on the front nine, Julio proved to be a true "hacker" on the putt-putt course.
dodane przez Yul czerwiec 04, 2003
9 40