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being funny
You knoe I got jokes man.
dodane przez d-shiznit lipiec 01, 2003
A label people stick on anyone who firmly believes anything at all.
In today's wishy-washy society, anyone who has the guts to stand up for what they believe in when (esp. what they believe in is unpopular) is labelled as narrow minded because everyone else is so open minded that, in many cases, their brains have fallen out.
dodane przez D-Shiznit lipiec 11, 2005
1. A guitar designed so that it may be strummed with the left hand rather than standard guitars, whose body and string arrangement are designed to be strummed with the right hand.

2. Someone who uses their left hand to strum whether they are completely left-handed or not; also someone who is completely left-handed.
1. I own a regular guitar, but it's strung like a lefty so that I can play it.

2. Jimi Hendrix was/is one of the few famous leftys.
dodane przez D-Shiznit czerwiec 27, 2005
a word used by people who don't knoow how to spell the word "holler" correctly.
"I use the word "holla" because I'm protesting against people who actually know how to spell."
dodane przez D-Shiznit czerwiec 03, 2005
An insulting label to describe someone who actually *gasp* has the guts to stand up for what's right. Stop him before he spreads the real truth!
As kids, our parents discourage us from being tattle tales, but then they wonder why the crime rate is so high in our country. If we had more tattle tales, who knows? Maybe we could stop flooding our prisons with innocent people while the criminals roam the streets freely.
dodane przez D-Shiznit czerwiec 30, 2005
False information which is made out to be true by the media, or any other group of bullshit artists, including police officers. Although as a rule, propogandists spread their brand of bullshit intentionally, some people are so ignorant and hard-headed that they honestly beleive their own bullshit.
The show "COPS" is a load of propogandic bullshit that tries to make it seem like police are the good guys (as if they needed a further ego boost) and crimes, especially violent crimes, are only commited by black people, when neither is the whole truth.
dodane przez D-Shiznit czerwiec 25, 2005
1. A polite way around saying the word "nigger". 2.A term to describe people of even the most remote African descent.
I'm black, and I want to be called African-American, whether I am totally ignorant of both current and past African culture or not.
dodane przez D-Shiznit marzec 04, 2005
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