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It's everything and nothing at the same time. This is a very versatile word that can be used in any situation to replace any word. It is commonly used as a filler to prevent outside listeners from including themselves in a conversation.

Sheven found its roots in the small town of Lamoni IA where it has been spread by word of mouth between family and friends.
Guy 1: "I was at Abby's house over the weekend and we shnevened!"

Guy 2: "You finally got her shneven?"

Guy 1: "Nah, we shnevened...we didn't shneven."

Guy 2: "Dang...Shenven..."
dodane przez etilauqa czerwiec 10, 2011
This is a condition when someone falls back in love with an individual who treated them horrible or ran around etc.

When the shit is warm you know to stay away from it. However, as time passes as it gets cold you may forget what it is and confuse it for chocolate. The time will come again where you will taste it a remember it is indeed shit.
Guy 1: I visited home over break and I hooked up with Sandra again.

Guy 2: Are you serious? Did you forget how she ran around on you?

Guy 1: Of course not...but that's all in the past. She is different!

Guy2: We need to take you to the doctor because that is some textbook Cold Shit Syndrome.
dodane przez etilauqa wrzesień 21, 2014
Abreviation for United States of Merica. This is the phrase for a stereotypical 'American' that sees themselves better than everyone else. This term is most commonly seen used in a sarcastic tone and southern drawl to appear as egocentric and to make light of a situation in a joking manner.
"This is the USM."

"The what?"

"The United States of Merica. Speak English or go back to China."

"I'm not Chinese I'm Korean."

*Confused look on face* "WTF is that?"
dodane przez etilauqa marzec 08, 2010
The moment you are left awestruck as a BAMF/knight in shining armor turns out to of been that nobody, clumsy fumbling geek you once knew.
Neville Longbottom
Before(Book 1): Clumsy, forgetful, few to no close friends, toad for a pet

After(book 7):
1. He killed Nagini, Voldemort's snake, with the Gryffindor sword, whilst his head ablaze.
2. Stood up to Voldemort, saying boldly he wouldn't join them until 'Hell freezes over'.
3. He kept recruiting Dumbledore's Army even after Harry, Ron and Hermione had left.

I just saw 'Hiccup' in How to Train Your Dragon 2... Longbottomed again!
dodane przez etilauqa lipiec 18, 2013
Inescapable prison that is the friendzone.
Why does Molly always go out with douche-bags? We've been best friends for 10 years and I'm always there for her. I wish we went out.

Dude, you are so far in the friendzone you are in palcatraz....and you are NEVER getting out.
dodane przez etilauqa wrzesień 28, 2013
This factualizes anything you say. This is often used in an argument between friends when one knows they have lost the argument to make them automatically win. It is commonly used by a poor sport or sore loser to gain an upper hand.

It's mainly used as an inside joke/game between friends who understand the meaning of the phrase and who are willing to abide by it to continue the joke.
In a sense it is as the jedi mind trick.
mom: "I told you to take out the garbage 3 times now and it's still here."

Son: "You said you would take it out, automatically boots and barkly!"

mom: "Automatically boots and what? I never said that...."
dodane przez etilauqa czerwiec 10, 2011
This is a form of studying where one skims through a text and simply memorizes/learns everything in bold or italicized.
Do you want to meet up cram for tomorrow's Ochem test?

Nah, I'm done studying.

Really? You must be really organized to be able to study ahead of time.

Nah, I used the Bold Font Method...if it's bold I memorized it. >70% of every test is based off bold font in books.
dodane przez etilauqa sierpień 09, 2013
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