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269 definitions by greg

A damb sexy biatch .
Flossy is a sexy biatch
dodane przez Greg styczeń 20, 2005
long usally dirty and unkept hair that many fans of emo have. Makes thoes who have the hair type look like girly asses.
That bich has dirty emo hair
dodane przez Greg październik 27, 2004
slowest piece of shit ever to hit the road. Honda's biggest multi billion dollar mistake ever. Small companies tried to overcome this fact by producing line of turbos and after market performance parts in order to level the balance of shittyness. They were only to find that what would turn any normal car into a dream car, made the rsx even worse.
"Hows the new car?"
It broke down again, fucking $23,000 mistake!"
dodane przez Greg luty 21, 2005