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Left in '96, back in 2011. The NHL franchise with the greatest and loudest fans in the entire league. Anyone who disagrees has not been to the MTS Centre.
Winnipeg Jets. We're back baby
dodane przez guitarhero2 styczeń 14, 2012
the greatest burger ever, it can be purchased at A&W. Mozza cheese, bacon, tomato, and tons of other delicious ingredients. is better than a whopper or a big mac. much better.
If i lived close to an A&W, i know i would be morbidly obese simply because of the mozza burger.
dodane przez guitarhero2 czerwiec 14, 2007
One of the greatest recievers in CFL history. He is characterized by his amazing long-gain catches and deceptive speed. He is a natural joker and is by far the best reciever on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
I don't know why he didn't stick in the NFL, he could have been huge there.
With 3 seconds left and Winnipeg down by 4 in the 4th quarter, Milt Stegall caught a 100-yard bomb thrown by quarterback Kevin Glenn and won the game for Winnipeg. This is one of the greatest plays in pro football history.
Winnipeg fan: Hey, did you see the game last night?
Edmonton Eskimos fan: No.
dodane przez guitarhero2 listopad 16, 2006
When you're driving in the same direction for a while, and you realize you've forgotten something and have to go all the way back, you must "throw a u-ball". U-ball is just another word for u-turn but with u-balls you cover a much greater distance.
J: Paul, did you remember the money?
Paul: Aw shit. I forgot. Now I have to throw a huge u-ball. Fuck!
dodane przez guitarhero2 kwiecień 04, 2009
a combination of mayo, honey, some finely chopped fresh dill and maybe a tiny bit of mustard. incredibly versatile. goes well with chicken (in any form), french fries, hash browns and i've seen some people eat it with pork. absolutely delicious and irreplaceable. if you don't like honey dill sauce there is something wrong with you.
"chick fings please"
"You want honey dill sauce with those fings?"
"uh, DUH!"
dodane przez guitarhero2 luty 03, 2012
term comes from professional basketball player Ramon Sessions, guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves. A session (sesh) is when a bunch of buddies get together and smoke a bunch of weed, resulting in everybody getting really baked. Ram is just a synonym for sesh, just another way of saying it.
"Hey man, you wanna ram after school?"
"Just finished my calculus exam, and boy do i ever need to ram hard"
dodane przez GuitarHero2 październik 30, 2009
By far the worst computer program available, it should be destroyed and never spoken of again. Screwed up my computer and maimed my MSN and Internet Explorer after I installed it. AIM is so shitty compared to MSN and people who use it are hopeless, dickless, ovaryless retards.
Huge Loser: LOL, I LOVE AIM LOL!!!
Person: Shut up fag.
dodane przez guitarhero2 listopad 08, 2006

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