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5 definitions by haha47

licking bum
"Robbie, what did you do last night?" Vicki asked.
"I was frenching the croaker" said Robbie
dodane przez haha47 luty 19, 2009
A person with a couple of extra pounds
"I know she's not fat fat, yeah, but she's definately 'Vogue fat'"
dodane przez haha47 lipiec 08, 2010
Someone who loves GLEE to the point where it is almost a sexual obsession.
Shane is a GLEEdophile, avoid him
dodane przez haha47 kwiecień 26, 2010
hypocrite hippies
those bitches are such hippycrites
dodane przez haha47 lipiec 13, 2010
Scratching/stroking ones ass crack, then gently brushing finger/s under victims nose, so they catch a horrific scent...WARNING: It is possible to become obsessed with sniffing your own fingers
"Last night, outside reflex, Robbie bum fingered Vicki and she was shocked"
"Vicki scratched her ass, and sniffed her own fingers and couldn't stop....'what an odd, enchanting scent' she thought"
dodane przez haha47 styczeń 29, 2009