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11 definitions by hailey

A cool place to live. Very fancy and expensive.
New Caanaan is Great.
dodane przez Hailey kwiecień 05, 2005
146 90
Cool; hot; in style;
This beat is automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, "funkyfresh".
Yo, those boots are funkyfresh.
dodane przez Hailey marzec 24, 2005
55 6
no variety, same old thing
Steve is really monotonous in the sack
dodane przez hailey październik 17, 2004
63 16
the fat, cranky, annoyed guy on mtv's Jackass that can be seen in the human bowling ball skit and chasing Wee-man in whitey tightys.
LOOK! theres Preston Lacy!
dodane przez hailey styczeń 28, 2004
24 6
ja rule is a wanxta who thinks he is a hot stuff but he is a shit..always sayin about being gangsta and beiin 2nd tupac and then he raps with ashanti rhymes like :i luv u babyyyyy..u´ll always be my babyyy..
he is waaack
who loves that E?
ja rule.....
dodane przez hailey marzec 10, 2005
44 28
the human hairball that hates mustard. alot.
rake yohn says woo woo woo.
dodane przez hailey styczeń 28, 2004
25 12
The Crazy Scientist blah is a Blah man that Predicts that the world will crash into the sun in FIVE SECONDs. this is found in the Demented Cartoon Movie.
person A: what are you up to Professor blah (crazy scientist blah)?
Crazy Scientist Blah: well, i just figured out that the world is going to crash into the sun in five seconds.
dodane przez Hailey czerwiec 19, 2006
7 4