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19 definitions by iceman

a mean defensive tackle who will sit ur ass down
damn man iceman just sat me down again
dodane przez iceman październik 27, 2004
16 41
Not an orginization that wants to kill Jews, some people are just stupidly narrow-minded. The National Socialist view was not to kill all jews but to make a prime race. The perfect race. Neo Nazi's are more against races that are not white/caucasion. The Nazi's did nothing different then what Caeser did.
American History X is the best example of neo-nazi's
dodane przez Iceman marzec 09, 2005
143 268
Should of let the Germans keep the rotary! But a car that gives the Trans Am/ Z28-SS a good name!
"Object in mirror must be an RX8"
dodane przez Iceman marzec 07, 2005
31 163
Head Nigglet in Charge
Am i talkin to the HNIC?
dodane przez Iceman październik 07, 2004
51 221
Greatest Band that has ever lived...with Robert Plant's vocals, and Jimmy Page's guitar skills, they defined the music known as rock!
"Joe, so I finally got the Led Zeppelin box set!"

"Whose that Erich?"

dodane przez Iceman marzec 07, 2005
107 332