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5 definitions by magnus

A Swedish person
Derived from the words Viking and Last
Okay, Viklas. I hope that answers your questions. I think we're on the same page. Unfortunately, yours has a big F on it.

Med vänliga hälsningar,
Stark Dålig
dodane przez Magnus sierpień 18, 2003
11 1
Becoming wedged between server racks due to one's obesity.
Remorse suffers from ralphitus, and once was required to remove 90% of a customers rack in order to get free.
dodane przez magnus wrzesień 15, 2003
0 5
1. A saying only an idiot, n00b, or fake hacker would use.
1. "OMG your mom!" No one uses this anymore...
dodane przez Magnus luty 28, 2005
5 15
1) The art of being Homo, and Bisexual at the same time.
2) See "Thegreaterforce"
STFU bitch, my ironman owns your whole team...you homo-bisexual bitch.
dodane przez MAGNUS październik 12, 2003
9 27
Pocketknife. The multi-function Swiss type.
"Can't open this can of beans."
"Here, use my MacGyver."
dodane przez magnus sierpień 17, 2003
1 19