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14 definitions by matches

give the middle finger to some...
yeah dude you can take that one finger salute and stink it in your dumper bitch
dodane przez matches kwiecień 25, 2003
46 8
only the coolest TV show in olympia.
dude did you shelbs on dance o dance last night...he was cuttin some rug yo
dodane przez matches kwiecień 25, 2003
12 6
The worst of any group; last place; the opposite of captain.
The 1890 Louiville Colonels went from cooptain to captain in just one short year.
dodane przez Matches marzec 24, 2004
4 3
a tag or throw up on a sticker. makes for a quick tag. the stickers usauly used are over night postal stickes because there free.
lets go stamp some shit
dodane przez matches kwiecień 22, 2003
9 8
when you finger a girl with the indew and middle finger.
dude i tell you what use the one two one two can't lose
dodane przez matches kwiecień 25, 2003
2 2
when a girl fingers her self with the middle and ring finger
rachel suggested the bowling grip
dodane przez matches kwiecień 25, 2003
7 8
another name for soda or as stupid people call it pop or pap or sodapop.
yo pass the dink dat
dodane przez matches kwiecień 12, 2003
0 1