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A phenomenon in which a female marks her territory (potential mate) by posting suggestive and flirtatious expressions for the world to see on facebook or expressed in person at work in public to a potential mate. Thus marking her territory as if the male has been chosen by god himself, effectively cockblocking the male for months.
What she bought u clothes and wants you to wear it to work? That's not nice it's just a cockblock stigmata for every other girl to see.
#cockblock #stigmata #labeled #territory #marked
dodane przez niggaman star33 sierpień 08, 2011
A syndrome in which your judgement is clouded by your desperate desire for fornication. As if you were viewing the entire world through your penis. Similar to severe beer goggles.
Oh man, I think I have penis goggles syndrome cause that fatchick looks like chance for a giant tittfuck
#backfat #beer goggles #the irvine effect #penis #celibacy
dodane przez niggaman star33 sierpień 10, 2011
a phrase or expression to describe a dumb bitch that is not quite hot enuff to be THAT stupid. She may be slightly cute or moderately attractive (do-able) but is so stupid that it might not be worth it. This phrase usually follows a dumb comment that the dumb bitch makes such as, "Is the Cowboys a baseball team?"
john, "I'm the DDD tonight."

FB (fat bitch) "what's that?"
john, "the designated drunk driver! Good god woman you are not hot enuff to be this stupid
#ddd #fat bitch #fatchick mode #penis goggles syndrome #irvine
dodane przez niggaman star33 sierpień 21, 2011
A period of extremely prolonged undesired celibacy leading to impaired judgement (classic penis goggles syndrome) of potential mates that are quite overweight, such as someone with neckroles larger than your waistline.
Tom, "Ah man it must be the Irvine effect but I'm practically in fatchick mode."
Victor, "ah man that's terrible, but I guess you can tittyfuck her fat folds or something. Just squeeze the backfat together and you got yourself at least 3 more titties."
#penis goggles #backfat #fatchick #celibacy #abstinent #irvine effect
dodane przez niggaman star33 sierpień 10, 2011
noun, a more appropriate name for an athletic cup to prevent ambiguous confusion between a cup to drink with. You do not and should not drink from an athletic cup, therefore it should no longer be known as a cup.
wow, my custom mouthguard is so comfortable I can't even tell it's there sometimes. too bad they don't make custom dickguards.
#cup #athletic cup #family jewels #protection #mouthguard
dodane przez niggaman star33 wrzesień 21, 2011
noun, acronym for still on the boat describing a person that is so foreign that they are not even considered fresh of the boat (FOB) but in fact are still on the boat, thus resembling their motherland counterparts more than FOBs.
goddamnit wtf is wrong with these chinee ppl? They aren't even FOB's they're frickn SOB 's.
#still on the boat #fob #foreing #chinee #irvine #shit
dodane przez niggaman star33 wrzesień 09, 2011
noun, a word describing emergency rations of vodka stashed away in your car as a prophylaxis to counter a preconceived long day at work, or just monday. Although parking lot vodka can be consumed at any point of the day, it is best used immediately after you park your car.
God damnit I don't wanna head to work today. I feel like a fat guy tryin to get on a treadmill. Good thing I got my parking lot vodka.
#fat guy #work sucks #monday #shit job #irvine
dodane przez niggaman star33 wrzesień 15, 2011
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