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1. A common name for an attractive female who is always willing to give herself up for sex without expecting any financial, or emotional gain in return. Often confused with fuck bunny, with the only difference being a slut bunny is more prone to expecting more than one partner at a time.
2. A beautiful girl who readily gives herself up for sex on a regular basis and refuses to accept cash in return.
3. A female who has a reputation for sleeping with anyone, anywhere and is also good looking.
Wow, I met a gorgeous girl last night, It’s early days, but I hope she is a Slut Bunny!
dodane przez Paul Fleming lipiec 08, 2006
This is a horses equivalent of a orgasm. In some hick towns in America where sleeping with animals is accepted, boasting in the bar about giving your horse a "Maregasm" is quite common and completely acceptable.
Cletis: I gone and got me a new horse called Betsie, She's a beauty, it took me a while but i gave her a "Maregasm" she aint never gonna forget!
John Boy: Way ta go Cletis, you a lucky man!
dodane przez Paul Fleming lipiec 14, 2006
1. A practicing doctor who has the responsibility of treating whore's for the S.T.D's that they have picked up while sleeping with any male they can find.
2. Also the name given to an elderly gentleman who has had a huge number of female sex partners and has earned the title of being a "Whore Doctor". These gentlemen are rare and have absolutely no respect for females.
Lisa: I feel so ashamed, I have to visit the "Whore Doctor" to get rid of this dirty disease that I picked up while shagging.
Samantha: Thats terrible, I bet you will kill the guy who gave you the S.T.D when you catch up with him!
Lisa: I can't be sure which guy it was, I've narrowed it down to 7 though, because the other 5 insisted on wearing condoms.
Samantha: Do you need a lift to the clinic?
Lisa: No thanks, my husband is taking me.
dodane przez Paul Fleming sierpień 15, 2006
This is the discount available as a reward for staying faithful to a prostitute. If you frequently visit the same whore, you might be offered a "slut discount" for your loyalty. Very rare, but from time to time it does happen.
Simon: I've been seeing the same prostitute for about 3 months now and last night she said that because I was a regular client, and loyal, I deserved a "slut discount". I now only have to pay £20 for the full works, it used to be £30.
Lee: Thats brilliant, what are you going to do with the money you save?
Simon. Well, its my wife's birthday soon, so I might take her out for a nice meal.
Lee: Your such a romantic, she is lucky to have you.
Simon: Yeah, I know.
dodane przez Paul Fleming lipiec 14, 2006
A person who is addicted to sex. These individuals have no self respect, or respect for their family. They are often females between the age of 18 and 30. Normally these girls are carriers of sexual diseases and are often seen outside chip shops in the North West of England.
Billy: Wow, look at that girl over there, she is lovely but I bet she wouldn't even want to talk to me.
Adam: What??!! Thats Tracey, she is a "Sex Junkie", I heard she once let a whole football team go through her.
Billy: No way!! Her dad would be furious if he found out!!
Adam: If he found out?? What do you mean?? Her dad arranged it, he was the football teams manager!
Billy: Classy family then.
dodane przez Paul Fleming wrzesień 18, 2006
These girls are native to, but not exclusive to small towns in the Eastern Counties of England. As with any whore, they are willing to give up sex at anytime, but a boomerang whore will let her partner have sex with her, then her sister, then her best friend, then her mother, and then she will let you come back to her and have sex once again. Just like a boomerang, she will keep coming back to you, regardless of how you treat her.
Liz: Why do you let Brian come back and have sex with you, he fucked your mum, your sister, and even though i'm your best friend, he fucked me! He thinks he can get away with it because he says you are a "boomerang whore".
Jannine: Yeah, I know, I just love him so much.
Liz: You make me sick.
dodane przez Paul Fleming lipiec 09, 2006
These ladies are the filth of society. They search out a partner and the only attribute that is of interest to them is financial. Often seen with gentlemen twice their age, or in large expensive vehicles. They very rarely have children as they are too selfish to look after anyone except themselves. These ladies are the same as whores, except they have to stay with the client until he dies, then claims the money that the client (husband) has left her.
Samuel: Wasn't the funeral sad, I didn't see any tears from the dead mans widow though, I thought it was his daughter until Debbie told me it was his wife.
Mark: Yeah, she's a "Money Slut", she was fucking behind his back for years, I even had a piece of her ass last May. She's loaded now though.
dodane przez Paul Fleming lipiec 10, 2006
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