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A small, all-girl Catholic school for grades 6-12, Maryvale ends up being completely undefinable. With traditions such as Spirit Week, Gym Meet, Senior Sleepover in the Castle and a whole bunch of other wacky things that make it wierd and fun, the wool-skirted and red-blazered girls rock the house. NDP would be the major rivals of the school, and any Maryvale girl can tell you that the Maryvale Lions do it right, despite what the Blazers may think about us. Besides, we all know our uniforms are the best. Maryvale is unique and totally awesome! We love food and we love being completely and totally awkward. Only at Maryvale do your teachers and classmates know your life's story, even if they didn't ask for it at all. By the time you graduate, you can pretty much write a book about every person in your class.
Q: Why'd you decide to come to Maryvale Preparatory?
A: 'Cause of the Castle, duh.
Q: Sweet, a Castle. (thinks: I wish my school had a Castle.) So how long did you attend Maryvale?
A: 7 years and proud of it, baby!
Q: Seven years. (passes out 'cause of the proceeding awkwardly amazing stories that are being told)
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