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4 definitions by postavant

A boy who claims to have "swag."

Can apply to those formerly referred to as "bros." Can easily be spotted wearing a tank top.
"I have so much swag."

"No you don't, you swaggot."
dodane przez postavant listopad 08, 2011
One letter away from oligarchy, according to Glenn Beck.
O.L.I.G.A.R.H., just add a Y, (OLIGARHY) and you get Oligarchy!
dodane przez postavant sierpień 29, 2009
1. A girl who claims to have "swag."

2. A girl who is surrounded by swaggots.
"My boys have so much swag."

"No they don't, you swaghag."
dodane przez postavant listopad 08, 2011
An egomaniac on Twitter.
Tweegomaniac. :/
dodane przez postavant luty 02, 2011