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26 definitions by raul

the appearance of a wedge in a womans genital region resulting from tight fitting clothes
jenny has cameltoe with her new leather pants.
dodane przez raul styczeń 16, 2003
Nice 1 (one)

mostly refering to a ---- Nice Shot ----
Headshot! ------> : n1 dude
dodane przez RauL listopad 14, 2003
getting knocked the fuck out wit one punch!
dont fuk wit me i got that one hitter quitter
dodane przez Raul listopad 13, 2003
Supreme meaning of NO
Did you just talk about my momma? Oh hell NAW!
dodane przez Raul kwiecień 15, 2003
simply AWESOME!
dodane przez Raul marzec 08, 2003
a religious retreat that forms a cult amongst those that have gone on it, filled with secrets and other annoying things others can't know.
"Yea it's a Kairos thing"
dodane przez Raul marzec 02, 2005
one with dead sexy looks
That man was so shabbir, Jessica Simpson wanted to make love all night long to him.
dodane przez RAUL marzec 03, 2004