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A hybrid of Cock-Block and Clopping within the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fandom.
Sam: OMG Spike, GTFO. Stop being such a Flarity Clop-Block!


Al: Rainbow Dash is such a Clop-Block to all other ships. That playa.
dodane przez rewy400 listopad 24, 2011
Similar to Things, but used more often when describing stuff that sticks to your fingers, or there are lots of and they are useless (used zip ties, the pull-away bit on a milk jug cap, etc.)

Sis: Why do we have a drawer filled with bread clips and pizza tables?

Bro: We're just a phleh-hoarding family.


Joe: I hate these darn phlehs...Always getting stuck to my fingers instead of sticking on the envelope.
dodane przez rewy400 czerwiec 27, 2011
To "Slow Down", "Stop", or "Wait up" when someone is falling behind. (Literally or figuratively.)
Charlie: "Hurry up, Sam!"
Sam: "Ice your dice, man. There's a pebble in my shoe."


Emily: "-And then he was like, "We are so over", and just hung up. I'm so heartbroken!"
Julie: "Whoa, ice your dice, you two were dating?"
dodane przez rewy400 wrzesień 10, 2010
Acronym for Post Breakup Resentment Disorder.
P.B.R.D or P-BuRD is the act of unjustly hating someone you have dated.

Typically only labelled as P-BuRD once the average period of time it takes to "Get over" someone has passed, yet feelings of Hatred and Resentment are still present.
Al "Man, Joan keeps gossiping behind my back about how much of a jerk I was to her."

Jeff "Didn't you let her keep the friends? And you quit that club you were both in so that she wouldn't have to? Plus, hasn't it been, like, over a year since you two broke up?"

Al "Yeah, I know. She's got some serious P.B.R.D."
dodane przez rewy400 styczeń 12, 2011
Lady + Unicorn. A female equivalent to Brony, and an alternative to Pegasister, typically given to whinier fans of the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
Jake: I told my girlfriend that I was going to stay home and watch MLP tonight. She hasn't let me off the hook.

Tom: Whoa. Ladycorn much?

Jake: Naw. She wasn't whining, she was complaining.


Sally: Tom won't shut up about Spike being a total Clop-Block for Rarity-Shy. I thought I was the Ladycorn of this relationship.
dodane przez rewy400 listopad 24, 2011
A get-together similar to a party, only really chill, and the guests are comprised of socially awkward people. Llama's tend to take place on a Friday night, in one small room, last for hours and hours, and end on a really awkward note (Like watching "Confessions of a Porn Addict")
Often, a Llama will begin with a larger amount of people (7-10), but slowly drop off as the night progresses.
Jonathan "Hey, I feel like a wall-flower tonight. I don't want to go to a party."
Sarah "Then don't. I'm having a llama tonight, come to that instead."
Jonathan "Okay. Who's coming?"
Sarah "So far? Me and you."
Jonathan "Cool."
dodane przez rewy400 styczeń 08, 2011
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