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8 definitions by sauce

Bay Watch, sex tape, boob job.
Oh Yeah, thats a nice piece of ass!
dodane przez Sauce kwiecień 16, 2005
A male slut, one who goes in and out of "holes" without feeling.
Damn Steven is such a golfball!
dodane przez sauce lipiec 26, 2003
a person with a small unit
hey u know llll1l1ll ?
yea, that dude has small junk
dodane przez sauce czerwiec 19, 2004
nickname for a guy thats real name is sovisal
yo there goes that baller Soy Sauce
dodane przez sauce luty 13, 2005
Of Northern Ontario origin. Meant to indicate an intent to complete some activity. Derived loosely from "make it happen"
A. Can someone get me another beer?
B. I can happen that
dodane przez Sauce grudzień 29, 2004
Of Northern Ontario origin. Means: good, acceptable, alright etc. Derived originally from a drunken mispronouciation of the word "Good".
A. Hey, are you sure you don't mind that I take your sister out on a date?
B. No worries, it's squid
dodane przez Sauce grudzień 29, 2004
A large woman, usaully over 170 pounds.
Man that girl has some huff!
dodane przez Sauce marzec 04, 2005