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A dried, circular ring around a girl's vagina or asshole after a pair of nuts banged against it for hours.
"She came home from the one night stand with a hangover and a salt ring around her twat."

"The day after smoking meth her ass was in pain. She examined herself and found a salt ring around her asshole. She then remembered how she came up with the cash to get the drugs in the first place."
dodane przez squeaked moose październik 14, 2011
The town tramp, the girl that fucks everyone, a sure lay for one in desperation or one highly intoxicated. All men feel the "day after" regret of having entered her hole.
Waking up next to a stinking whale after a night of heavy drinking, Harrison realized he had spent time in the hole of shame.

After doing shots of tequila all night, Todd was inducted into Terri's hole of shame.
dodane przez Squeaked Moose październik 24, 2011
A male for whom sexual contact with a female is so rare, he views intercourse as cosmic or surreal.
"You actually fucked that crotchronaut? Wow, that must have been an outta this world experience for him."

"The pathetic crotchronaut ended up taking his mother to the prom again".
dodane przez Squeaked Moose październik 19, 2011
The state, usually long-term, of being a closet homosexual that is beyond the usual level of gay and is too much of a pussy to come out of the closet. This person is usually very angry at the world because he/she has not yet advanced to being able to be a sexual accurate being.
Larry asked his girlfriend for anal sex on such a consistent basis it became clear to her he was a closet clinger.

"Oh for Christ's sake, I wish Jim would just stop closet clinging and stop using my sister as a ploy to come across as heterosexual" (friend repilies) "Fuck yeah, he's always such a moody bitch every time our family gets together I wish he would just stop closet clinging too!"

"Get outta my ass you dirty closet clinger"
dodane przez Squeaked Moose październik 21, 2011
The unpleasant smell of butthole the permeates the air for mere seconds when a chick is on top, sometimes resulting in loss of erection.
"Ah, my girlfriend was boucing on my cock last night and I got a whiff o' anus, totally ruined my boner, does she wipe?"

"I refuse to let her ride the rod after she has a hearty meal, I always catch a whiff o' anus and can sometimes detect what she had for dinner."
dodane przez Squeaked Moose październik 18, 2011
The penis of a straight guy who prefers to fuck unkempt butts.
"Last night I gave the wife the ol' mudhammer."

"That stupid whore can suck my mudhammer."
dodane przez Squeaked Moose październik 18, 2011
Similar in nature to a "glory hole" (holes in restrooms or clubs where people can anonymously stick their dicks in or put their ass against to get fucked.) The only difference being, these holes are located throughout an incestous family's home.
Riley drank the hot load of his brother or was it his father from the shame hole.
dodane przez Squeaked Moose październik 19, 2011
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