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5 definitions by tawny

REALLY tasty sandwiches.
I like sammiches. To eat them.
dodane przez tawny wrzesień 23, 2003
a condition which is often confused with love.
She thought she was in love with him but it was just lust.
dodane przez tawny kwiecień 30, 2003
To be in a state of adrenaline, usually refers to someone wh is doing something ver well currently.
When Gio was fucking jasmin softly she yelled out "beast mode!"
dodane przez Tawny maj 10, 2003
sandwich (plural)
dodane przez tawny wrzesień 23, 2003
something really big, covers alot of space.
That bitch was hit with a football bat.
dodane przez Tawny listopad 17, 2004