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company behind:
Apple Macintosh (1984+)
iMac (1999?)
Mac Mini (2005)
iPod (2001)
Mac OS X (10)
System 7,6 ect
iWill log into my iMac G5, iSync my iPhoto files to Mi iPod Photo.
dodane przez the1bigboy marzec 22, 2005
Mac mini is a lost-cost 'update' to any one running Microsoft Windows.
Priced around £330 (40GB) this is the best way to get away from the x86 system to a PPC system.

Ships with:
Apple Mac OS X 'Panther' (10.3.x)
1 Firewire port (eg: for iPod)
2 USB ports (Keybord, mouse)
1 ethernet port (broadband modem)
1 CD-RW/DVD drive
Lets go to PC World to buy a Mac...
Oh shit.. none left...
Oh well... lets go to e-bay!
dodane przez the1bigboy marzec 22, 2005
Belfast city's 'new' bus service (at time of write)

nothing new, all they did was fuck up bus numbers, paint the buses pink and call it after a stright gay guy.

Most bus drivers are still cunts
'should we get the 103?'
'no, its 10C now.. no... wait... 10D.. SHIT'
dodane przez the1bigboy marzec 22, 2005
A Magic version of Microsoft Windows...
why is it magic!?!
It's blue and green GUI magically zapped up after Apple Computer. launched 'Aqua'

This vesion of Microsoft Windows is user friendly... basically because when it fucks up .. a lot of blue is in your face.

The only way your ever gona get the cunt to work is get 2GHz P4 / 1GB ram and fucking no internet connection what so ever!

As a Windows user for 6years and a Windows XP user for a year and a half.. in all my heart I can say...
"after 2 updates" Mr.X said
"how fucking unsafe was this thing in 2001!?"
dodane przez the1bigboy marzec 22, 2005
The update to Windows XP/2000.
Seems like a good version of windows, until you see the roadmap... Microsoft plan to launch a SP... shows how much faith they have in Windows.

The 2 main problems we meet with longhorn
1) Its gona get so many virus'... your fucked
2) you will need a new computer to run it, because todays 'mid-range' PCs arnt powerfull enough to run it.
LH CD cost in 2006 : £200+
LH CD cost in 2010 : £50
dodane przez the1bigboy marzec 22, 2005
A place just after you hit the City Zone of Belfast.

Ireland / UK
lets go to andy-town
dodane przez the1bigboy marzec 22, 2005
A group of people which listen to Rock music and its variants.
They mostly wear black and are found around Belfast city hall, mostly during Saturday and summer months.

'Hippies' are enemies with 'Spides'
The hippie just bought a koRn CD
dodane przez the1bigboy styczeń 18, 2005
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