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10 definitions by uGlY

an expression also short for legend, used to describe a fantastic person.
you are a proper ledge mate
dodane przez uGlY styczeń 07, 2004
80 51
Also known as a lozenge. The candy medicine one sucks on to alleviate a sore throat.
My mom gives me a throatie when I'm sick.
dodane przez ugly marzec 06, 2005
2 5
short for "straight up gangster" as defined by our very own Forefathers at Lowell HS c/o 07. an abbreviation often tagged on book covers and class notes and spoken only in your best napoleon dynamite voice. makes sure your nose is nice and scrunched up and your eyes remain fairly squinty.
o man! look at that guy with the gray and red ecko fit. its so hot today. what is he thinking? he's s.u.g. don't worry about it.
dodane przez Ugly listopad 23, 2004
4 7
Hairy muff and huge ankles.
Derived from the meaning 'bush pig' - had to many beers and she will do.
Ohh not another muffandankle
dodane przez ugly październik 17, 2001
1 5
wheres you head at wher is your mind at? not thinking right
where your head at shorty
wheres your mind at
dodane przez ugly marzec 24, 2005
6 14
another expression for goodbye
gotta go now, chibbles
see ya later, chibz
dodane przez uGlY styczeń 07, 2004
7 18
the name of some crazy guy that no one will mess with
whats up ugly

dodane przez ugly luty 04, 2003
6 19