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A fine art. When a girl sucks on a guy's dick. They enjoy it most when you swallow. You rub his balls and make him moan by twirling your tongue around on the head and being aggressive grabbing him. REMEMBER: Don't nibble unless he wants you to.
I came home to the house my boyfriend and I shared. I set my stuff down, took off my shoes and walked downstairs. I found my boyfriend naked. He made the "come here" motion with his finger. When I got close to him He stood up and kissed me. When he paused he worked my shirt off. I told him to wait. I rushed up to my dresser, pulled out some super freaking hot lingerie and rushed back downstairs. He whistled.
"Gimme a blowjob," he instructed.
He knows how good I am at doing so. And I love it. It makes him do dirty things that should be illegal. I drop down to my knees and lick the head of his dick. Then I let his dick slither into my mouth. I nibble. He's always loved it when I hold his boner in place with my teeth. I let my tongue into him a little. He pushes it out with his cum. I grab his balls and rub them. I let go as he falls on the futon.
"Do some more!" he says.
His dick is even harder when I do. I swallow again. The cum slips away but I still do it. I was so horny from just giving him a blowjob that I got wet.
"Oh, just do me already!" I swallow.
He hovers on top of me and shoves his red, hard dick into my pussy. He bites my nipples and I finally moan. I give in. Hard and wet, we go.
dodane przez urbankvxxl wrzesień 05, 2011
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